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Hello everyone and welcome to Triumph of Truth, a church history blog specifically emphasizing the significance of the Protestant Reformation and of the English Bible.  If you’re looking to learn more on these topic or simply enjoy reading about them, then you’ve come to the right place!

In studying the Reformation and the years leading up to it, my goal has not simply been to learn facts but to live 16th century life. I wanted to experience Luther’s agony as he endlessly endeavored to justify himself before God in the monastery, to feel the burning within Tyndale’s soul for a Bible the plowboy could understand. I wanted to follow it all the way until I could see the light of God’s Word dawning like a new day in people’s hearts and hear them reading the Scriptures in their mother tongues.

Do you want to experience these things too? Then let’s start out on the journey back to 16th century Europe. . . .